Kristin Riger

Design Kit

Design Kit is an open source platform that anyone can use to learn and practice the methodologies of human-centered design (“HCD”). The tools are divided into methods, or ways to practice HCD, and mindsets, or ways of thinking about HCD. Working with a multi-disciplinary team of interaction designers, writers and developers at, I helped to define the visual language and digital presence of the platform. This included developing an illustration style for Design Kit's methods for human-centered design, establishing a color palette and making decisions on website layouts and content. Key to developing the system was staying consistent with the brand, yet still creating a unique identity and visual style for the platform.


Primary Role: Visual Designer, Illustration, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Patrice Martin
Design Team: Stacy Barnes, Natalia Sourdis, Jess Zhang, Kristin Riger, Jacqui Watts, Lizzy Gregory, Kian Ansari
Illustration: Adriana Crespo, Jess Zhang, Kristin Riger
Senior Editor: Aaron Britt