Kristin Riger

Design Kit

Working with a multi-disciplinary team of designers, writers and developers at, I created the visual design language of Design Kit, a platform for learning the principle methods and mindsets of human-centered design. This included developing an illustration style for Design Kit's methods for human-centered design, establishing a color palette and making decisions on website layouts and content. Key to developing the system was staying consistent with the brand, yet still creating an unique brand identity and visual style for the platform.


Primary Role: Visual Designer, Illustration, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Patrice Martin
Design Team: Stacy Barnes, Natalia Sourdis, Jess Zhang, Kristin Riger, Jacqui Watts, Lizzy Gregory, Kian Ansari
Illustration: Adriana Crespo, Jess Zhang, Kristin Riger
Senior Editor: Aaron Britt