Kristin Riger

Designing for Impact

After four years of experimenting, evolving, and designing for social impact, our team at took a rigorous look at our portfolio of work. We set out to answer a question—how can a design organization, one that relies on its partners to bring new-to-the-world solutions to market, be as impactful as possible?

Impact: A Design Perspective tells the story of our learnings from successes and failures along the way, and maps out what we believe it takes for a mission-driven design organization to affect real change in the world. Illustration inspired by topography and landscapes, as well as navigational elements, guide the reader through our journey. Our impact is measured through data-driven graphics, balanced with human stories.


Primary Role: Senior Visual Designer
Creative Direction: Patrice Martin
Design Team: Aaron Britt, Kristin Riger, Yennie Lee, Kian Ansari
Illustrations: Jess Zhang
Product Photography: Nicolas Zurcher